The people of today’s age are suffering more with different medical problems. This is due to the busy schedule of people. Working men mostly spend their time in offices and they do not find enough time to go to the doctor for medical checkup. Whenever they face any kind of health problem, they use the medicines which are easily available in medical stores at cheap rate. Due to this, they become the victim of those health problems which were not active that time. It is recommended by the doctors that every person should visit the medical clinic every month for complete medical checkup. This medical checkup will allow your family doctor to know about your health condition. If there are symptoms of any health problem, then doctor will treat the problem at its initial stage. In such a way, you will be able to avoid major health problems at their initial stages. You should spend some of your money on your health so that you can lead a healthy and happy life. A healthy life can only ensure a happy life.

This article will throw light on the causes of impotence and its treatment. We all know that mental stresses due to workplace and family problems have increased very much. Almost every person is suffering from some kind of mental stress. This mental stress leads to different kinds of health problems and erectile dysfunction is one of them. Erectile dysfunction is causing serious problems for most of the men. People who are suffering from it cannot maintain their erection for long time. This is the main reason due to which they cannot satisfy their partner sexually. Such people need at least 1 hour penile erection so that they can have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

What is the reason due to which they cannot get penile erection? You may know that erection is dependent on blood flow. Due to the deposition of fats inside blood vessels, the blood flow rate becomes low and in such condition the man becomes impotent. Doctors advice such person to take medicine like Viagra to increase the blood flow rate. These medicines are made for this purpose and they increase the activity of an enzyme which can increase or decrease the blood flow. Other causes of impotence are blood pressure, heart disease, spinal cord injury and diabetes. It is better for you if you try to avoid such health problems.

Medicines should be used according to the prescription of the doctor. Don’t use it if you are being advised by your friend for this purpose just because he has used it. A doctor prescribes the medicine after noticing the health condition of the patient. It is possible that the dose your friend is suggesting may be bad for your health. Moreover, three kinds of medicines are available for this purpose so the doctor will recommend you the one which will give you better erection. So you should talk to your doctor whenever you are going to take any step for your health safety.