Most of the people face different health conditions that can be treated but others cannot be treated therefore you must learn to cope with them. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that has affected many men over many years. Others think that there is no drug for this problem while others do not seek for help because they think that it can lower their ego. Note that erectile dysfunction can affect anybody and at any age therefore it does not mean that when you experience it, you are growing old. Viagra is one of the drugs that have been approved by the FDA for treating erectile dysfunction.

Generic Viagra is also one of the anti importance drugs, it is used for treating erectile dysfunction and should only be used by men who suffer from this problem. Generic Viagra contains a very active ingredient known as sildenafile citrate. This active ingredient of Viagra acts by relaxing the body muscles including the penile muscles. When the body muscles relax, it allows for more blood to flow to various parts of the body and into the penis. Generally an erection occurs when more blood is flown into the penis. After taking Viagra, a man will be able to achieve and to sustain an erection that is required for sexual intercourse.

Most of the people who use Generic Viagra have greatly benefited from it in that the reports show that these people experience increased stamina, faster recharge and a greatly amplified sex drive. Viagra is not a hormone therefore it only works when you are sexually stimulated if not, then it will not show its effects. Viagra allows the ones who are suffering from erectile dysfunction to respond when they are aroused or when they are stimulated sexually. Generally when you are sexually stimulated after taking Viagra, your penile blood arteries relaxes and grow hard which in turn allows more blood to flow into the penis.

When the penile arteries continue to grow large, the veins that take blood from the penis are compressed therefore the amount of blood from the penis is restricted. When more blood is flowing in and less going out, your penis grows bigger and harder which in turn leads to an erection. Viagra is a prescription drug that is available in a tablet form and should be taken orally at least sixty minutes before having sex. After taking the drug, it can take about forty five minutes to start showing its effects though it can last in the blood for almost four hours.

Viagra should be taken only once in every twenty four hours unless prescribed by your doctor. When under Viagra medication, it is recommended that you avoid taking high fat foods this is because lots of fat can greatly interfere with its effectiveness for example, it can slow its reaction and it can take too long to start showing its effects. Viagra is a strong drug that should not be overused. In case of any misunderstanding or any serious side effects, it is advised that you contact your doctor.