Have you ever given a thought to the factor called Time? Our existence and life is determined and driven by this factor called time. Most of us never give a thought to this aspect of time. Come to think of it, the first thing that your eyes turn to in the morning is the clock to see the time. Our daily activity and schedule is maintained with the help of time.

If you look at time from the philosophical and spiritual angle, you will find that time is what is responsible for the creation and maintenance of our physical universe. Our understanding of past, present and future is made possible because of time. Each and every moment of our live is determined and qualified by time. Time defines our days and nights as well as the age of our body, our earth, the galaxy as well as the universe.

They say that time is the greatest healer and teacher and this is very true. When you lose a loved one you are bound to think that you can never get over your grief. Time proves you wrong. It takes away your grief and lets you treasure cherished memories and love for the lost one. When one is young, we do not understand the concept of time as a teacher or healer. We have no patience and wish for instant results in everything we do. We take our current state of mind and feelings to be constant and to remain the same all the time. However time like the ocean wipes away our present thoughts and understanding and with the memories and impressions of new events, changes our view point and thoughts forcing us to widen our understanding of our feelings and life.

With acceptance of time as the most important and constant element in our existence we come to accept that our body is but temporary and is subject to change. We also begin to understand and accept the concept of death of our body at some point of time in life. When one is young, there is no time for thinking and understanding of these concepts. Death seems a remote possibility as the individual is busy planning ahead and has too many priorities on his plate , to see and to experience in life. It is only after reaching the stage of andropause at fifties that man begins to disconnect from his realities of life and think of the imminent future ahead. We can say that andropause signals the beginning of the last part of man’s journey of life. With the reduction of male hormone in the body and the consequent loss of physique and muscle mass, men begin to start aging and the body begins to sag. Finally man begins to acknowledge that he is aging and his perceptions with regard to himself and time changes. He begins to slow down in his physical activities and material pursuits. Being aware of the limited time ahead, he begins to relook and rework on his priorities, on his relationships and start respecting time. Every moment of time begins to look valuable and precious. The perspective with reference to one’s relationships and others changes. Time teaches man to walk into the sunset years with dignity , maturing and understanding of the moments called Life.