Urbanization has affected the family structure and the society. Joint families and extended families are a thing of the past. Today the family structure has changed to unit families. The life styles have changed and life has become fast paced and technology driven. Internet has changed the way we live and the way products and services are delivered. Information is available at the click of a mouse. Do all these help the new generation and guide them to solve their day to day problems?

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. Mis-understandings, mis-communication is a part of the process of building relationships. It takes a while for any newly built relationship to settle down. To get to know each other and learning to trust and depend upon each other can take years. With elders being around always helps as they could lend their experience and advice to the young couple rather than leaving them to fend for themselves. Many issues with regard to personal relationships are always dealt easily by the elders who have seen similar things cropping up and can recognize signs easily and deal with things before issues crop up.

Lack of family pressures and unit family style has also provided the youngsters freedom to lead a life style that they choose and enjoy rather than confirming to the set rules as laid down at home. Young couple take a while to settle down and this can mean anywhere from two years to ten years. Men often feel free to indulge in smoking, drinking and partying. On the office front these they go after set professional goals to reach higher and higher and end up working all round the clock missing out on eating healthy food and adequate sleep.

These lifestyle changes are seen more in the corporate world, finance and IT related professions. Those working in these professions have moved up the social ladder. Along with their rising income, standard of living has also increased. The fast paced professional demands from these professions coupled with the fact that both partners are found working all through the day without having to spend time with each other is causing health problems for the people. The number of people with psychological anxiety and stress related problems have increased. Obesity, Diabetes and Blood pressure coupled with high cholesterol is affecting youngsters. Thyroid related problems are found to be increasing amongst women. Infertility amongst women and impotence amongst males is another disturbing trend that is being reported. Men are found to be suffering from erectile dysfunction with inability to get into and carry on sexual activity. All this is leading to breakup of relationships.

For all such cases it is still not too late to make changes and get life back to normal. It takes a hard look at re prioritizing life and changing the life style and habits. Changes in food, exercising and increasing physical activity besides reducing weight has to be done on top priority. Couple should learn to balance work and relaxation and take time to spend with each other. With changes in lifestyle, anxiety can be reduced. Men facing erectile dysfunction should consult doctor and obtain prescription for Viagra. This is a oral tablet which cures erection dysfunction. Viagra works as a PDE5 inhibitor that causes increased blood supply to the penis thereby help achieve and sustain erection.

Get started with changing you habits today. With changes in lifestyle, food habits and Viagra your life can soon be back on tracks.