Impotence or erectile deficiency is caused by many reasons, including physical as well as psychological. A person having impotence or erectile deficiency is always seen to be frustrated and also develop certain mental conditions that could affect the family.

Impotence is mainly caused by the decreased flow of blood in the penis. Once there is a good blood flow in the penis, it starts to get erected and the erection is known to last for more hours if the blood flow is sustained. The blood fills in the corpora cavernosa, which helps in getting the erection.

Corpora cavernosa consists of two columns of tissues located in the male and female sex organs. The corpora cavernosa stretches along the entire length of the penis. The penis also consists of corpora spongiosum, which is a soft tissue. The corpora spongiosum protects the urethra from getting closed because of the expansion of corpus cavernosum. If urethra is closed, the semen will not come out during ejaculation.

Corpora cavernosa will not get enough blood if the nerves surrounding them are damaged. If there is any problem with the corpora cavernosa, it can be detected using cavernosography, which measures the vascular pressure. A saline is injected into the corpora cavernosa and the flow rate is used to determine the leakage in the nerves. This will help the doctor to determine if your erection problem is related to corpora cavernosa.

There are many ways to overcome erectile deficiency caused due to harm of corpora cavernosa. The doctors may advise exercise of the particular muscles hat surrounds the penis. The doctors may also prescribe drugs like viagra, levitra and cialis that help in widening the blood vessels surrounding the corpora cavernosa.