Colors And Shades Of Love

What do we all humans seek all the time? Of course you will obviously say that we all look for food, water and shelter. But these are but our physical needs. Apart from these physical needs, we are all looking for love. Everyone wants to be loved. Love is what keeps the world together. It is but sad that we humans think of love in a very narrow sense of the word. A normal man loves his spouse, his children, parents and siblings or the immediate family. He might have a little affection for his neighbors and his country. But then the concept of love is still routed and restricted to the people he lives with which is his family. But you take the case of mothers. They usually tend to love their children as well as all other children and everybody around. It is quite natural for mothers to give love. One of the best examples of love that we come across would be with the animals. Be it a dog, a horse or any pet, they love their masters and families unconditionally and give love abundantly.

So we do realize that there are many kinds of love and shades of love. You get to see love amongst birds as well as the whales too. As far as mother’s love goes, it is the same shade in all species that exists in the world. Mothers have a universal aspect to their love. They love their children no doubt. They also love all other children and almost every living thing. This special aspect of mother’s love is the same in humans as well as in all other living species.

A father’s love for the child is very different from that of the mother. Men by nature are shy when it comes to their emotions. Besides, they have got to play the role of being a father which makes them nurture their love within their hearts. But in most cases, father’s love for the children runs deeper.

When we look at the young men and women, the aspect of love is different. Love is all about romance and passion. Romantic love has sexual overtones too. However, it is important to understand that both the aspects of love and sex are totally different. When the couple nurture their love, their relationship grows and the love sustains them through their life. However if the individuals engage in too much of sex and give it more importance, it is likely that love will fly out through the window taking along with it the relationship as well.

Excessive indulgence in sex by men is one of the primary reasons for male impotence. Erectile dysfunction is one of the problems faced by men at one point or the other in life. In most cases, erectile dysfunction if not treated well in time can destroy the relationship. However it should also be remembered that erectile dysfunction and male impotence is not causes only by over indulgence but there are many more physical, emotional and psychological reasons responsible for male impotence. But then when a relationship is threatened by this problem, love can come to the rescue of the couples. When a relationship is routed in love and not in sex, it can weather whether any storm.